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 Dennis K. Thomas is a Licensed Insurance Professional that Specializes in Local Benefits!


Hi, I'm Dennis K. Thomas, the Founder & Program Director of the Benefits Outreach Center that helps selected Insurance Professionals nationwide serve their local communities, by helping their neighbors receive the benefits that they want, need and deserve!

Getting the benefits that you want, need and are entitled to can be very difficult to achieve and sometimes quite complicated in knowing where to turn to receive those needed benefits. Many people get frustrated and confused...

Well, You Are Not Alone! I am very proud to present the Most Innovative, the Most Effective, the Most Efficient and the Most Comprehensive Service available to you, to know what is needed to receive benefits including BUT not limited to: Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Marketplace Maze, Health Benefits, Saving Money on Prescriptions Drugs, Vision Benefits, Dental Benefits, Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare-Medicaid Plans, Medicare Supplements, Arthritis Pain Relief, Phone Alternatives for the hard of hearing as well as many other benefits including Long Term Care, Guaranteed Life Insurance, CD Alternatives, Community Savings & Discount Guide and more.  Need or looking for a specific benefit?  Just ask me - I will lead you in the right direction!

Receive FREE information on figuring out what is what and how to receive the most benefits available, at the lowest cost and sometimes even NO out of pocket cost to you, for your unique situation...

I am here to help provide you with hassle-free, no-cost, no-obligation information that will help give you Choices, Options & Solutions available in your area. Please know that I believe in treating people with the respect and care that you have earned and are entitled to. I Am Here For You!

As a former City Councilman & Vice-Mayor, Radio Talk Show Host, Little League Baseball Coach, PTA Vice-President, Jaycee Member, Girl Scout & Boy Scout Parent Volunteer, Coach/Mentor to Real Estate & Insurance Professionals Nationwide, Chamber of Commerce President and numerous other Community Service Activities that I have taken part in, over the last 40 years, I can tell you that without a doubt, one of the most rewarding parts of my life has been giving back and serving my community by helping make a difference, in the lives of fellow citizens.

Nothing is more rewarding, for me personally, than seeing a smile on a persons face and a sigh of relief, or the light bulb being turn on in their head by clearly understanding their options. As a Benefits Outreach Specialist I can guarantee that not only will your life be more enriched but the lives of those around you as well: family, friends & neighbors!

Benefits Outreach Specialists believe in giving back to their Communities! Charities still feel squeezed from recession as shrinking donations fail to meet demand. Ever since the economic crash in 2008, Not-For-Profit Organizations report that they have seen a steady increase in demand for their services from people who no longer can afford clothing, food and shelter.

As well, Church giving is down to depression era record lows. Giving has declined for four consecutive years, according to a report. The only other period of prolonged decline in giving per member was from 1928 through 1934, almost entirely during the Great Depression. Your Local Benefits Outreach Specialist is available to provide Non-Profits, Churches, Clubs, Organizations, Businesses & Causes with Fundraising Choices, Options & Solutions to help cover the donations and giving short fall.

Please take the time to review the sample benefits listed on this website and then contact me for further detailed information on these benefits or any other benefits, that you might be looking for, that you want, that you need and that you are entitled to. I look forward to working with you and your referrals, for many years to come and I Sincerely Look Forward To Making A Positive Difference In Your Life!


Vital Benefits Change Every Year!
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Dennis K. Thomas, Benefits Outreach Specialist



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